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Starting work-life as a carpenter and graduating to cabinet work (and just generally becoming an all-around handy person) I tend to dissect art in a certain way through the viewfinder.  To crafting and finishing frames, the blending of images and the *presentation* of that photography…the totality…is what drives me forward artistically.  Same goes for when I’m simply working my trade,  or maybe creating an heirloom piece for a client.  Nothing I create is ever “perfect”…there are always flaws, but hopefully the viewer doesn’t see them; like all carpenters, we cover our screw-ups with a vengeance.  Heh.  Even in the capturing of images, what I will do later in post-processing factors into my thinking in a huge way…and sometimes I just can’t leave it alone, eh?   
So, they call these things “Artist Statements” but I’m such a fart-in-a-whirlwind the only reason I’m writing this is that it’s expected.  <Shrug> Oh well, life moves on and as a person who was shot at with great gusto (and they missed…aren’t you lucky!), few things *really* bother me.  Perspective and pain are both instructive ($2 to Vonnegut), and for this fact I’m grateful.  So, hopefully my work will cause no pain, but maybe provide some perspective instead; if only through the eyes of a hopeless, recovering Type-A.   
Hello, my name’s Charlie, and I’m an A…


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