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Starting work-life as a carpenter and graduating to cabinet work (and just generally becoming an all-around handy person) I tend to dissect art in a certain way through the viewfinder.  To crafting and finishing frames, the blending of images and the *presentation* of that photography…the totality…is what drives me forward artistically.  Same goes for when I’m simply working my trade,  or maybe creating an heirloom piece for a client.  Nothing I create is ever “perfect”…there are always flaws, but hopefully the viewer doesn’t see them; like all carpenters, we cover our screw-ups with a vengeance.  Heh.  Even in the capturing of images, what I will do later in post-processing factors into my thinking in a huge way…and sometimes I just can’t leave it alone, eh?   
So, they call these things “Artist Statements” but I’m such a fart-in-a-whirlwind the only reason I’m writing this is that it’s expected.  <Shrug> Oh well, life moves on and as a person who was shot at with great gusto (and they missed…aren’t you lucky!), few things *really* bother me.  Perspective and pain are both instructive ($2 to Vonnegut), and for this fact I’m grateful.  So, hopefully my work will cause no pain, but maybe provide some perspective instead; if only through the eyes of a hopeless, recovering Type-A.   

As you navigate through these pages keep in mind that what you're seeing is not all that I do.  These are finished pieces, but the content therein can be reprinted in metal, canvas, or art paper at will...your will.  I also have experience recovering olde photos, or taking the photos out of your phone and turning them into wall pieces.  If you have an idea I'm thoroughly happy to help you achieve it.  An old slide...a photo that's been sitting in the bottom of a documentation or embellishing current photos: I can do it all (well, mostly, heh...).  I also am willing and able to photograph your event, although it'll take alot to get me to do a wedding, haha.  I just love doing this stuff!  


If you need any of my services feel free to contact me, I would love to get to know you...


7591 11th St., Buena Park, CA. 90621

714 330 7153

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